Saturday, December 27, 2008



Tags - no longer than 18cm and approx 6 – 7cm wide – 1 per month
Decorate/Embellish on one side only
File Folder – these are available from Rose-Anne for $16 , you will need to decorate/embellish it. There are 12 pockets in the file folder so one for each month

Time Frame:
This swap will last for 12 months with 1 theme per month as follows
January – Introduction Tag – photo of you and 6 things about you
February – Friends/Friendship
March – Quotes that inspire you
April – Free choice
May – Mother/Mum
June – Words of Wisdom
July – Favourtie Women’s Quotes
August - Joy
September – Fathers/Dad
October – Free choice
November – Words to live by
December – Christmas

What else:
You need to sign each tag every month
Tags will be due at Cropworks Monthly Crop
If you put a slot or hole in your tag and then use ribbon or fibre please make sure you reinforce the hole with an eyelet or extra card etc.
If you have a better idea for a theme than one listed please put it in the database and I’ll see about changing the themes. However, the first 2 themes are set in concrete as I know some who will want to start soon.

Sign Up:-
Please sign up in the Yahoo Group database. If you are unsure how to do this email me.
Any questions?? Email me

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