Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another layout using Kaiser Wooden Embellishments

When I taught the class recently I also did another layout to show the girls what else they can do with the wooden shapes as an inspiration.
This one I inked and then added Kindy Glitz to the tree to give it a sparkle affect.Then Kaiser pearls and bling were added.

Kaiser Wooden Embellishment Layout

I had to teach a class recently and this is the layout I did with the girls.

I have used Kaiser Christmas Patterned Paper, Kaiser pearls and bling, 7 Gypsies round stamp, SALT chipboard letters, Bazzill cardstock.

I inked the wooden embellishment with several different Versa Colors and stuck it on the page using Gel Medium. I then placed pearls and bling in the presents.

Kaiser Wooden Embellishments

Check out these cool wooden embellishments by Kaiser. They can be inked, painted, chalked, left raw etc. You can add kaiser pearls and bling to them if you wish.


These chalks are great to use with the VersaMark pen and pads to shade any colour what you wish. Just stamp or trace with the Versamark product and then using an eyeshadow applicator, shade over the VersaMark with the colour chalk of your choice. These and the VersaMark products lead you to a multitude of colours and you don't have to spend a fortune getting all the colours you want.

VersaMark Pads

These small VersaMark Cubes sell for $3.95 and the larger pad sells for $14.45. These are great for stamping and embossing.They can do much the same thing as the pens.
Another use for them is to stamp and then shade over them with chalk to give the appearance of different shades of ink. So handy to have in your stash.

VersaMark Products

This VersaMark pen (VersaMarker) selling for $5.15 is a very versatile product. It has 2 different tips. A point tip and a brush tip.
The brush tip is ideal for shading and you can go around photos once stuck on the page and give them that mat appearance. You can also show shadows on pages and colour in . When you colour in on cardstock you get a watermark appearance which is slightly darker and you achieve a tone on tone look.This last point is great when you want to stamp words or designs etc onto cardstock with the correct colour that you might not be able to find.
VersaMarkers can also be used to emboss with stencils and stamps or doodling freelance.

Embossing with Stencils

We have many Crafter's Workshop stencils for sale in various sizes and some ladies asked me to show them other ways to use them besides the same old tracing with pen technique. Here is one example I came up with-EMBOSSING WITH STENCILS.
I used 2 different stencils-the squiggly line and the alphabet.
1. Trace, using a VERSAMARK PEN(brush end) the line on the top and immediately sprinkle with gold embossing powder. Shake off the excess and heat.
2.Repeat for the bottom line.
3.Using the alphabet stencil and doing one letter at a time(with the point tip) trace with the VersaMark pen, sprinkle with powder, shake off excess and heat.
This is only a simple layout but in real life looks rich.
I used gold metallic cardstock for the mats and a 7 Gypsies punch for the journalling circles.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dimensional Magic

This product is available from Cropworks.

Keep looking for some examples of work done with this medium.

Dimensional Magic

As the name implies, Dimensional Magic adds dimension to your project.

It gives a shine to the surface plus a raised appearance and it looks like an epoxy embellishment.
You can add it to any surface but be aware it can make thin material curl. You can add it to cardstock, paper, patterns on patterned paper, stickers, chipboard, Cuttlebugged surfaces, etc. it can also be used as a liquid glue .

You can also add glitter to it for a sparkly appearance.

Do not shake the bottle before you use it as this will create air bubbles which you do not want. If you do get air bubbles in your project just stick a pin in the bubble and this will pop it. If you touch it and it is not dry it will leave your finger print in it. If this happens just give your project a thin coat.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cuttlebug Tags

I love these little tag books from K and Co that you can buy from . they are pretty but plain when it comes to texture. However, the Cuttlebug can remedy that problem. A little bug and some ink and even a light sand changes the tag and gives it character to use on cards and in scrapbooking.
Before and after shots show how the tags come to life.
We have a variety of these tag booklets.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gesso Tip

When using patterned paper with the cuttlebug it can cut easily when embossed and wreck your embossed piece. If you Gesso the back of the patterned paper and allow it to dry then emboss it , it is a lot stonger.


This photo shows the pink paint on top of the gesso compared tot he pink paint directly onto the chipboard. Notice there is a more even coverage.

Gesso on Chipboard.

Gesso works well on chipboard. If you paint chipboard the paint will soak into it and that means you will need to put many coats of paint on the surface. If you Gesso it first it seals the chipboard and does not soak in which will make the top layer of paint easier to apply and you use less paint.

The top photo shows the pink paint which has been applied straight onto the chipboard without gesson underneath. Notice how blotchy it is.

to the

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crop Night/Day

Anybody interested in coming to a crop night/day this weekend are most welcome. It is in the grounds of Prospect. See the information in the left column for details etc. I have lots of activities organised.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Close up of Gesso Card

This close up shows the lines more clearly where the Gesso didn't completely cover the paper. If you don't want lines or you want a smooth surface then you can apply the Gesso with a wide foam brush or a credit card.
Gesso can also be used as a texture paste and adds dimension to your work.
It works well on canvases and tightens the canvas and this allows a better cover of paint on the top.
You can also add different colour paint to the gesso and this eliminates the double coat. Also various substances can be added like sand, chalk, glitter etc.
Gesso is a water based product and can be watered down half and half.
Check out Matisse website here and see whatelse you can do and what other products they have.

Gesso card

The embossed part of this card has had gesso applied to patterned paper before it was embossed. Not only did I get rid of the gastly colour and pattern I also added bulk to the paper, which made the embossing stand out further. I used a paint brush to apply the gesso and hence you can see the lines. I also didn't cover it with a heavy coat as I wanted some of the colour of the patterned paper to show through.This added to the rustic appearance.

Gesso Paint

These 500ml Gesso paints sell for $17.50. They last a long time and can be used on a variety of surfaces including, cardstock, paper, metal, wood etc. They are a thicker consistency than paint and when used as an undercoat or sealer they eliminate the number of coats of paint you have to apply.On some surfaces you need to get grip and Gesso does that.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Salt Heart Mini Album

You can add as many pages as you like in these mini-albums. The rings also are produced by SALT.

Salt Chipboard Mini Album

Here is another version of the chipboard mini-albums that SALT produces. This one has the heart cut out. I showed the butterfly ages ago.They are a great way to show off a special event and if you are anything like me then you take heaps of photos of the one activity and want to print almost all of them. They take up less room than the big albums and I find people look through my mini-albums a lot more than they do the bigger ones. Why not try one?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Foil Board

This Foil Board is fantastic cardstock. It has a white backing so embosses and sands beautifully. When you sand it the white comes through and gives it a special effect. If you look on the blog Welcome to my World you will see how I have used it witht he cuttlebug folders.
It is Manufactured in New Zealand, and the Boards are of the highest standards.They are acid and lignin free.
Available in Gold, silver, Holographic Square Gold and Holographic Square Silver. Our Foil Boards come in 260 gsm and are available in Sizes ranging from 650 x 910 to A4.
We have the A4 in stock but any other size needs to be ordered.
Cost $1 a sheet for A4.

Majestic cardstock

Here are 11 of the 13 colours available:
1.Medal Bronze 2.Casino Gold 3.Anthracite 4.Parlour Pink 5.Mellow Yellow 6.Damask Blue
7. Fresh Mint 8.Marble White 9.Moonlight Silver
10.King's Blue 11 Gardeners Green 12Nightclub Purple(maroon colour) 13.Candlelight Cream(12 is in stock but 13 isn't but will be).

These cardstock are great to put through he Cuttlebug. If you visit Welcome to my World you will see how I have used these metallic cards plus the Foil Boards with the embossing folders plus the card making.

They are $1 a sheet for A4.

Majestic Cardstock

Majestic cardstock/paper is made in Italy. It comes in a range of 13 “Metallic” look colours available in both paper and board weights. Majestic gets its “Metallic” look from Mica (a natural mineral) and it has NO actual metal in the product, making it safe to use through copy, inkjet and laser applications.
The Majestic range conforms to the following standards - environmental safe.ECF pulps used - elementally chlorine-free. Acid Free, Lignin Free and has archival properties.
Majestic is available in 120 & 250 GSM. Sizes available include 650 x 910, 720 x 1020 and pre-cut A4.
Matching DL envelopes are also available in boxes of 500 and clear packs of 25.
Majestic is Acid Free. So it is safe to use not only in your scrapbooks but also for cards ans any paperwork.

We do bulk buys at a special rate and also do orders for any size stated above. We have in stock the A4 size.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

3-D Mini Album-Scrap Tulip Close Up

This shows you what you can do inside the Tulip. I just love Brighton Beach.It is a good way to use up those photos that are left over from a layout.

3-D Mini Album-Scrap Tulip

This Scrap Tulip was made with 1 sheet of Bazzill Cardstock. The title and journalling was done using The Craftersworkshop Templates and the flowers are old ones from Prima. The stamp is a wooden Kaiser Stamp and the ribbon is from Bazzill and it all ties in-pardon the pun.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cuttlebug Card and kaiser stamps

This is the card I made for Chloe for her birthday. I used the Cuttlebug embossing folder and Kindy Glitzed the candles and flames. I used Kaiser Stamps to express the sentiments.
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