Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cropworks camp at Long Point

This shows the hall where we will be scrapbooking. However, there will be tables and chairs there to scrap and card make. You can see it is a nice big hall with plenty of space and you will not be crowded.
In October it might be warm enough to go for a swim. There is also a sauna there if you want to feel relaxed.
This is a small area of the grounds with the hall in the background to the left.
These are some of the cabins but they are limited to how many we use. Most of the ladies will be in the dormitory where there is a shower and toilet block.
More of the grounds.
I will add a few photos of the camp site each day so you can see where we will be having our camp in October.


julie steele said...

Hi just wondering how much this camp is and where is long point.

Libby said...

It looks fantastic Rose-Anne and I can't wait

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