Sunday, November 9, 2008

Close up of Gesso Card

This close up shows the lines more clearly where the Gesso didn't completely cover the paper. If you don't want lines or you want a smooth surface then you can apply the Gesso with a wide foam brush or a credit card.
Gesso can also be used as a texture paste and adds dimension to your work.
It works well on canvases and tightens the canvas and this allows a better cover of paint on the top.
You can also add different colour paint to the gesso and this eliminates the double coat. Also various substances can be added like sand, chalk, glitter etc.
Gesso is a water based product and can be watered down half and half.
Check out Matisse website here and see whatelse you can do and what other products they have.

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Elizabeth said...

What a lovely card Rose-Anne. I must try this gesso. I have read somewhere how you can use it to blend - must find that article or web site again. Thanks for the inspiration

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