Friday, November 7, 2008

Majestic cardstock

Here are 11 of the 13 colours available:
1.Medal Bronze 2.Casino Gold 3.Anthracite 4.Parlour Pink 5.Mellow Yellow 6.Damask Blue
7. Fresh Mint 8.Marble White 9.Moonlight Silver
10.King's Blue 11 Gardeners Green 12Nightclub Purple(maroon colour) 13.Candlelight Cream(12 is in stock but 13 isn't but will be).

These cardstock are great to put through he Cuttlebug. If you visit Welcome to my World you will see how I have used these metallic cards plus the Foil Boards with the embossing folders plus the card making.

They are $1 a sheet for A4.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Oh I can see I will need to buy some of this for my card making and of course to experiment with in my Cuttlebug

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