Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dimensional Magic

As the name implies, Dimensional Magic adds dimension to your project.

It gives a shine to the surface plus a raised appearance and it looks like an epoxy embellishment.
You can add it to any surface but be aware it can make thin material curl. You can add it to cardstock, paper, patterns on patterned paper, stickers, chipboard, Cuttlebugged surfaces, etc. it can also be used as a liquid glue .

You can also add glitter to it for a sparkly appearance.

Do not shake the bottle before you use it as this will create air bubbles which you do not want. If you do get air bubbles in your project just stick a pin in the bubble and this will pop it. If you touch it and it is not dry it will leave your finger print in it. If this happens just give your project a thin coat.

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